About us

Diavantis is a young and aspiring medical technology start-up with a small but very interdisciplinary team located in Switzerland. Based on a clinical concept originating from the department of ENT Diseases, Head and Neck Surgery (Prof. Dr. Rudolf Häusler) and the Department of Nephrology and Hypertension (Prof. Dr. Felix Frey) of the University Hospital we have developed an innovative vascular access designed to improve haemodialysis therapy for many patients. Diavantis is a spin-off fully owned by Cendres+Métaux SA, one of the leading Swiss companies in the field of medical technology.


At Diavantis we strive to improve haemodialysis treatment with our innovative vascular access port and therewith provide better lives to people suffering from end stage kidney disease and their caregivers.


We believe that novel vascular access technologies will transform treatment of chronic diseases.