Our Team

Let us introduce ourselves:


Thomas Frei

Head of Clinical Affairs

Professional Background:
  • BSc in Process Engineering as well as in Medical Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
  • Long-term experience as Head of Development for drug-dispensing medical implants and clinical coordinator of int. clinical trials 

"I'm convinced that Vivaxs will revolutionize haemodialysis treatment for ESRD patients and I feel confident that this kind of venous access will serve as a technology platform with advantages far exceeding the therapeutical field of dialysis"


Thierry Stoll

Head of Business Development

Professional Background:
  • MSc in Biomedical Eng. from ETH Zürich and MBA from EPFL/UNIL Lausanne with focus on Mgmt. of Innovation and Technology
  • Active in the Medtech Industry on a global level since 1997 in various executive positions in Product Development and Marketing, as well as in General Management

"I joined the Diavantis Team because of my deep conviction that Vivaxs is solving a prevalent clinical problem and is improving patients lives"


Raïna Rasper

Product Manager Vivaxs

Professional Background:
  • BSc in Int. Management with a Major in Marketing & Communications at UAS Northwestern Switzerland and Tongji University Shanghai
  • Project member since the very beginning in 2009

"Vivaxs addresses some of the most pertinent patient and caregiver pains in haemodialysis and offers so much potential for the increasingly important home haemodialysis treatment"


Thomas Kummer

Head of Product Development

Professional Background:
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering at Bern University of Applied Sciences Switzerland
  • Active in Medtech Industry since 2012 as Product Development Engineer and Project Manager for diagnostic devices for laboratory and home-use applications.

"I feel inspired by the power of our interdisciplinary team who works so passionately for Vivaxs, because it's more than just a vascular access for haemodialysis, we're truly focusing on improving patients life"


Dr. Judith Olzhausen

Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Professional Background:
  • PhD in Genetics and Applied Biotechnology at University of Greifswald, Germany
  • Long-term experience in research and development of in vitro diagnostic products
  • Experience in establishment, improvement and maintenance of an ISO 13485 based Quality Management System

"I am very impressed and encouraged by the high enthusiasm and passion of the Diavantis Team and I am convinced that Vivaxs has the potential to improve the quality of life for haemodialysis patients"