Vivaxs Liva

A reliable vascular access is absolutely crucial for successful haemodialysis. Complications are common and besides patient morbitity, costs associated with dysfunction of the vascular access need closer attention. Vivaxs Liva is an innovative long-term vascular access with the aim to improve haemodialysis treatment.

Vivaxs Liva is currently undergoing a clinical investigation and is not available for sale. The investigation running under the name of “Bone Anchored Port - A novel access for haemodialysis treatment” has been started in December 2014 at the University Hospital in Berne, Switzerland. As the first clinical results are very promising our mother company, Cendres+Métaux SA, agreed to further expand the study to Germany. Click on one of the links below to find out more about Vivaxs Liva and the currently ongoing clinical investigation.

Product Information

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Clinical Investigation

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